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Restaurant Surprises

Seafood Specialties:

During the Autumn change we are offering a selection of seafood entrée surprises loved by our regular clientele.

Our chefs are currently offering several Seafood entrée specials. We have our salt & pepper calamari rings, lightly coated in tempura, quickly deep fried & served with a rocket salad and a dipping sauce.  Then we have our fabulous soft shell crab, beautifully presented on an Asian style salad with a hint of chilli, & lastly our Mussels.  Medium sized from Tasmania & steamed in a traditional Moroccan style sauce with ciabatta & tapenade.  To avoid disappointment check what we are serving & pre book.

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Toms Cap Vineyard provides the perfect setting for garden wedding.


All our vines are carefully hand pruned and our fruit hand picked to ensure maximum quality.