7 Proven Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Restaurant

It is no secret that today’s restaurant industry is highly competitive. London alone boasts 18,000 restaurants. Many of these establishments are family-owned and non-franchise. You might think that it is easy to run a restaurant. The truth is that restaurants have very low profit margins. Restaurant managers and owners must be creative in their marketing strategies to keep their business afloat. There are many ways to draw customers to your restaurant. If they want to be ahead of the rest in this competitive market, restaurant owners will need to employ various strategies.

Tips to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Let’s look at some strategies that will help you attract customers to your restaurant.

Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Many restaurants are now using social media to promote themselves. Social media is extremely popular among all ages and this is a great way to promote your restaurant. Social media promotion of restaurants is a great way to reach a specific audience.

Advertisements can be created and paid for to appear on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You can also create a business page and upload promotional content to get customers.

Social media marketing is an enormous field. Posting content frequently can help you gain customers’ attention. You could post about restaurant renovations or new additions to the menu. Or you could show your restaurant’s kitchen in action.

Some restaurants offer contests on social media where viewers are encouraged to tag their friends. The social media manager selects the winner and gives them a voucher for their restaurant.

Offer WiFi for Free

Free WiFi is a great way of attracting new customers to your restaurant. Many cafes have adopted this approach. They want to provide a welcoming space for people to work from their laptops. This is a great way for cafe owners to increase revenue by assuming that customers will order food and coffee while they work.

Restaurants can use similar methods. It doesn’t cost much for customers to have a dedicated WiFi connection. Offering free WiFi to customers will increase sales and more than pay your monthly internet bill.

Provide live music

Live music is a popular feature at many bars and restaurants in London. You could have an in-house band or a rotating group of musicians.

You may be able book a big-name musician to perform at your restaurant if you’re lucky. These events can draw large crowds and bring in new customers. This approach may not suit all restaurants, since you might need enough space to allow the musicians to perform.

You should give your restaurant a chance if you think it can host live music events frequently.

Use email marketing

Although social media marketing is the main focus of most digital marketing plans for restaurants, email marketing can still effectively bring customers to your restaurant. This does take some time to put into practice.

Start by creating an email list with past customers and new customers that you want to target. This can be done by asking customers to provide their email addresses while making reservations on your website.

Email marketing allows you to send exclusive offers directly to your email, such as restaurant updates or discounts. Email marketing can also target the small percentage who use social media but still surf the internet regularly.

Register with Online Ordering and Food Delivery Apps

Customers are ordering take-out online and having food delivered to their homes more often than ever. This trend can be a boon for restaurants by offering take-out online and signing up for food delivery apps.

This strategy makes it easier for customers to find your restaurant. People will often avoid restaurants too far away from their homes. Delivery drivers might find it easier to deliver food far from their customers. This strategy can increase your sales and help you maximize your ROI.

Noting that many food delivery apps charge a commission per order is important. You may want to provide delivery services yourself if you don’t want to pay this commission.

Give Away Gift Certificates

Gift cards are another way to draw customers to your restaurant. This is why many restaurants give away gift cards as prizes or giveaways to charities. You might be tempted to give the gift card to someone who has never been to your restaurant before.

Customers who enjoy your services and dine at your restaurant are more likely to return.

Use social media influencers

A social media influencer is a great way to get new customers to your restaurant. Look up local food critics on Instagram or Facebook to ask them to write reviews about your restaurant. These accounts or social media users have a large number of followers. You can encourage your followers to visit your restaurant and test it out.

There are many ways to draw customers to your restaurant, as you can see. These strategies work for both new restaurants as well as established establishments. These strategies can be used to help you choose the right business model for your company.


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