8 Breakfast Recipes from Australia’s Most Delicious Cafes

The hottest meal of today is the first. Delicious. These are the best early bird recipes, as presented by the chefs who serve them up to the adoring crowd at Australia’s most popular venues. This is not a place for soggy cereal!

Chorizo, charred asparagus and preserved lemon are some of the spring greens.

This recipe is simple because it doesn’t require you to be a chef. It’s all about good local ingredients that can be found at your local farmers market. Meet the people that grow your produce. They are important and deserve all the support they can get.” – Kiya Azami (Abacus), Melbourne.

Chilli labneh eggs

The beauty of this dish lies in its ability to be made the day before or the morning of. The yoghurt should be allowed to “hang” for 6-8 hours. Soft-boiled eggs can be easily peeled and kept in the refrigerator” – Sam Smith, Porch and Parlour Sydney.

Coconut chia with strawberry syrup

Higher Ground’s most loved breakfast dish is Strawberry Chia. We wanted to make a classic cafe dish with a native Australian ingredient. The native strawberry gum brings it together and makes fresh strawberries pop.” – Paul Bongiovanni from Higher Ground, Melbourne.

Coconut-chilli eggs with dahl

It’s much easier to make split pea dhal at least a day ahead of time. The flavours will be more complex when the flavors get to know each other. Serve by bringing to a boil the mixture and adding a squeeze of lime to brighten the flavour.” – Emma Knowles from Ruby’s Diner in Sydney.

Smoked fish rosti served with seasonal greens.

“Since we put this dish on our menu two years back, we can only take off for a brief time due to customer demand.” – Alex Mullan from Pigeon Hole Cafe in Hobart.

Hot smoked salmon, four-grain salad, avocado, puffed rice

This dish is a mainstay at Small-fry. This dish uses local ingredients from innovative producers and is simple in its preparation and flavours. The shallot dressing brings the dish together, while the puffed rice gives it a lovely nutty crunch.

Make crab and spinach wontons with ginger, black vinegar, and hazelnut.

This is our most loved brunch item, along with the Katsu Sando. Although it might seem odd to use these wontons for breakfast, they make a lot more sense if you consider them plated yumcha.” – Ben Sears from Paper Bird, Sydney.

Kombucha-soaked bircher with almonds, poached Rhubarb and Kombucha

This is one of our most popular, healthy spring breakfasts. Making homemade kombucha from tea or using it for soaking makes it sweeter than using fruit juice.” – Alex Elliott Howery, Cornersmith.

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