How to Plan the Perfect Queensland Wedding

13 Steps to Plan a Wedding

Wedding QLD offers everything you need for a beautiful wedding in Brisbane or Queensland. In 13 simple steps, you can begin planning your wedding. Find Queensland wedding suppliers at an affordable price, unique ideas and inspiration, as well as information about wedding packages, special offers, and other details. Keep up with our social media channels to receive the most recent tips, information, and offers.

We are looking forward to making your Queensland wedding spectacular! XXXX

  1. Enjoy being engaged!
    Enjoy the moment, and be present. Storyboard your dream wedding day. Talk about it. Which do you see? What do you see? Is it a fairy tale or a rustic affair? Local or Destination? Wedding QLD offers real weddings that you can view for inspiration.

  2. Tell your family members and friends.
    Tell your family and friends about your engagement. Ask your parents if they have any commitments that might prevent you from inviting certain people to your wedding.

  3. Choose the wedding style.
    The wedding style you choose will influence your choice of venue. Many venues book months or even years ahead of time. It is easier to choose your venue once you have decided on your wedding theme. These are the most popular styles:
    Fairytale = City Ballroom
    Rustic is a country or winery.
    Beach = water view or coastal beach
    DIY = Community hall, sporting event, private home
    Destination = somewhere that offers great views and accommodations.
    You can check out the venues and caterers for Weddings QLD and inquire about availability and pricing.

  4. Set your budget
    After you have information about potential venues, it’s time to think about your budget. Talk to your parents about their plans to contribute to your wedding. Consider how much money you have available to save for your wedding and how much you can afford to spend. A separate account might be a good idea for wedding spending and savings. After establishing a budget, you can determine how many guests you can afford at each venue. It’s possible to ask for cash donations in place of gifts to offset the costs. You can download the Wedding QLD budget planner to assist you.

  5. Book Now!
    The reception venue is usually what sets the date. Next, the couple should consider their ceremony location – which could be at the same place. There are many great venues for weddings in Queensland, including beaches, churches and gardens.

  6. Photographers, video, and cars
    You can book wedding photographers and cars months or even years ahead of time. Do not forget to take a video! Although many couples forget to record a video, it is wonderful to relive those special moments. Take a look at Wedding QLD to discover your favorite suppliers.

  7. Celebrant
    The choice of a celebrant is crucial to the success or failure of your ceremony. Make sure you have a good time with them. This will ease any nerves.

  8. Flowers, Decorations, Decor, Hiring, and Cake
    What do you need to make your venue stand out? Do you need to hire chairs or crockery to DIY your wedding? Do you need floral arbors or centerpieces? You may find that some venue packages include decorations. For example, you might get chair covers or centerpieces. You may also get a wedding cake.You can choose a floral theme, such as colour or style. Keep in mind that your bouquet will be with you throughout the ceremony and for photos. They can get heavy!

    Is your wedding cake to be served as a dessert? This will affect the size of your bakery’s recommendation. Some tiers offer different flavors. Heavenly! xxxx

  9. Music and Entertainment
    A musician can help set the mood for your wedding. Many entertainment options are available, including DJs, swing bands, jazz singers, and bands.

  10. You!
    How will you dress for your wedding? For inspiration and great Queensland wedding suppliers, look at the Wedding QLD fashion, hair, makeup, rings, and jewellery sections.

  11. Bridal party and guest list
    Make a list of your guests. Select your bridal party. Selecting your bridal party 3 months before the wedding can make it less stressful. It is easier to choose not to select someone than to un-select them. You can download the Wedding QLD guest list and seating plan to assist you.

    Invitations! Send invitations to your bucks or hens party and then for the wedding. The average time it takes to send out wedding invitations is three months in advance. This is flexible and important for family members who might travel long distances, save money, or arrange time off work.

  12. Honeymoon
    Yay! You can do this at any time. You can do this soon after the wedding or later. A honeymoon registry is a great gift idea that many travel agencies can make. You should have your passport and all travel documents under the same name if you plan on changing your name. You might also need a credit card under this name, especially if you confirm bookings or collect tickets.

  13. Last details
    Perhaps you are looking for something different to end the day. Perhaps you’re looking for a dance studio that will wow your guests with a unique routine? Thank-you gift for your bride party and guests.


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