How to train your restaurant staff for COVID-Appropriate behaviour

Your top priority as a restaurant owner is maintaining a clean and tidy restaurant. COVID-19 is the greatest challenge for restaurant owners and a huge public-health catastrophe. Restaurant owners who train their staff to adapt to this “new normal” and adjust their restaurant models accordingly will have a greater chance of survival.

Although restrictions on gatherings are slowly being lifted, restaurants are now reopening. However, the owners and operators of these restaurants must still comply with some very basic obligations. Many places only allow a small percentage of the original floor plan to be used. Access to hand sanitiser and a clean restaurant are important steps to reopening.

To ensure customer safety, both front- and back-of-house staff must adhere to the correct protocols. Your business must be smaller than ever to account for potential limitations on in-house volume. Many interesting income streams can be used off-premises to help organizations increase their earnings while they wait for full capacity to return.

How to Train Your Restaurant Staff for COVID-Appropriate Conduct

This article will outline the changes you should make in your restaurant to adapt to the new norm.

Social Distancing Protocols

To run a restaurant, you must consider various social distancing procedures and rules. You must ensure that your staff are safe and do not transmit germs to customers’ tables when they work in the kitchen.

You can arrange for staff to work on alternate days. Also, make sure they adhere to social distancing protocol. To ensure your safety and that of your customers, encourage them to stay home if they feel sick. WHO guidelines require workers to keep at least one meter (3 feet) between them.

Employers need to think about what safety measures they can put for employees when the environment is not conducive to doing so. It is possible to provide PPE to restaurant workers to reduce their distance.

Perform daily health checks for your restaurant staff

One way to convince employees to take a quick health check before starting work is to ask them to do it daily. It might be as simple as asking staff to check their temperature before starting their shift.

You can encourage your staff to submit a negative report or conduct daily COVID testing before they start working in your restaurant. You and your staff will be able to ensure safety for your customers as well as your own. Ensure staff perform regular checks; make sure you enforce your health check policy.

Source: Personnel Today

Make sure you are visible.

The pandemic taught us one thing: even small water drops can take you to the emergency department. Employing masks at restaurants is a way to protect your employees and customers.

The FDA and CDC have advised food workers to wear masks while at work. Masks prevent the spread of respiratory droplets by mask wearers. This is crucial in preventing the spread of COVID-19, even if the food worker does not know it.

The new guidelines have made kitchens more difficult to work in. You can protect yourself and your coworkers by wearing masks and other facial coverings. This is important as many restaurants close and reopen as the virus spreads to employees.

Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as disposable gloves, face masks and hair nets, disposable gloves, slip-resistant shoes, and disposable gloves, should be provided to employees. High-risk areas of food manufacturing facilities that make ready-to-eat or prepared foods would require PPE.

Staff Hygiene is a Priority

Good hand hygiene is important. This includes washing your hands at least 20 times, using an alcohol-based hand soap that contains at minimum 60% alcohol, and not handling any unwrapped or exposed products. Food industry workers should not touch food, specially prepared meals.

Signs reminding employees of safety precautions and your reopening strategy are good ideas. You might also consider displaying signs for customers to remind them why adhering to the social distance standards you have established is so important. Ensure that safety and hygiene protocols are visible in every part of the restaurant.

Safety and hygiene in your restaurant are top priorities. Staff are also important as they help you run a successful business. As you adapt to this new norm, train your staff in COVID-appropriate behaviour. This will help you maintain your customer reputation. Businesses can also benefit from prevention.


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