It’s Autumn here at Toms Cap

We have moved through veraison in the vineyard & are moving into harvest. The culmination of another year’s work.

We are now entering into the final phase of season 2017. After pruning, Bud burst, veraison we now have our fruit ready for picking. Early March we picked some of the Chardonnay for our sparkling wine & followed two weeks later with the
rest of the Chardonnay for a classic style wine.

With the current weather pattern we expect to pick our Sauvignon Blanc & Riesling late March, followed by the Shiraz & Cabernet mid-April. So far the fruit looks fantastic & we are anticipating some wonderful 2017 vintage. Watch this space.

During April we will pick our olives & Ann will start the long process of washing, brining, soaking to produce the wonderful olives we serve in our restaurant. All the olives served are our own.

During April & May we expect to have our two resident mini pigs, Otto & Maggie moved to their new paddock. Purposely built under a small stand of gum trees they will have natural shelter as well as their timber home. Lucky pigs.

During May we will have the colour change in our vine leaves, the crimson & burnt red leaves make the vineyard look a picture.

Come on down & see for yourself.

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