Spring at Toms Cap

Pruning is finished, we have budburst and season 2016/17 has started.
It is also the start of our olives, not a well-known part of Toms Cap but for those who love their olives, very important. All of the olives used are either Kalamatta, Ligurian or Manzanilla from our trees.

Each year we pick our olives, usually around April, place them in a salt brine for 9 months, wash them thoroughly and put them in a warm oil mix with balsamic vinegar, garlic and rosemary.  They are left to cool and stored for at least 12 months.  We are currently using our 2014 olives in the Restaurant. Tubs of olives are available for sale.

Olive oil used in the kitchen is sourced from Golden Creek Olives in Foster. Local Devon North Olive Oil is available for sale.

Join us for lunch in the Spring sun.

Time to step out from the wet and cold of the Winter months and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. Enjoy a long relaxing lunch on our deck overlooking the amphitheatre that is Toms Cap Vineyard.

Enjoy some of our produce from our gardens and some amazing local and imported Cheese and our wine. Stay too long and enjoy the evening in one of our award winning Cottages.

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