Online Restaurant Management System: The Must-Have Features

After a pandemic, every restaurant owner must implement an online ordering system. Online ordering is crucial for your business’s success and sales management. It is no longer possible to accept orders by phone and satisfy the results. Restaurants that can’t create an online ordering system are unlikely to be competitive in the long term. You’re losing hundreds of orders each day if you don’t have an online ordering system. Modern technology will make it easier for your customers to use and ensure that they are safe.

An online ordering system must be easy to set up, configurable and user-friendly. It should also be capable of fulfilling your sales and marketing objectives. QSRweb found that 52 percent of Americans would use an online ordering system to order takeout or delivery if they were available. Moreover, 74 percent of millennials are interested in such a system. To keep up with consumer demand, restaurants of all sizes need to offer solutions that allow customers to browse and choose from a variety of menu items and pay online for delivery or takeout orders. This article will help you discover what may be lacking in your current online ordering system.

The Must-Have Features of a Robust Online Restaurant Management System

These are the essential features your online ordering system should have.

Online payments people are used to instantly access information about shopping, entertainment and other topics via the internet and social media. Given the convenience and security that online payments offer, it’s not surprising that people are so familiar with them and the businesses that take them. QR codes, for example, help customers stay safe in times of crisis by encouraging social distancing.


Restaurants should be focusing on the customer experience. You can make your customers happy by telling them how quickly their food will reach them. Customers can track delivery drivers and receive real-time information about their location.

A successful restaurant business requires professional customer service. The customer can track their order status in real-time and get help from the help desk. This will save them the trouble of calling delivery personnel again.

Focus on Menus

You should update your menu as often as possible after setting up an online ordering system. You should ensure that you have removed all dishes and added all-new dishes. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your online ordering system. It will ensure that your website visitors are attracted to purchase from you.

Why incorporate an online restaurant management system?

Online restaurant management systems are designed to meet the needs of modern customers who live on the go. This is why it is important to have an online ordering system that works seamlessly.

Mobile Friendly

Half of your efforts will be wasted if your online ordering system doesn’t support mobile traffic. Online ordering is easy with smartphones. Many websites offer this service through emulation for a fee. Your website must have an online ordering system. Both must be mobile-friendly.

You could have someone manage your website if they already have access to a smartphone and a browser emulator site. You must ensure that your website is accessible on both mobile and desktop.

Integration is easy

You want to have the best possible experience. Make sure your online ordering system is compatible with your POS system. This is essential when integrating your sales, menu, and revenue. Customers are more annoyed than incorrect orders. An advantage of ordering online is that customers can enter all information individually. This eliminates communication problems.

POS allows your staff to enter orders directly into your system easily. It also makes it easy for them to apply discounts. It makes reconciliation at the end of the day easier. It would be best to look for solutions that connect to as many channels as possible.


No one has the time to take orders in a busy kitchen. Please consider how long your staff spends taking orders over the phone, double-checking their accuracy and confirming that they are correct. Online ordering will allow employees to spend less time answering phone calls and preparing the goods for pickup or delivery. Online ordering offers customers the ability to place large orders in advance and arrange pickup or delivery. This allows restaurant staff to prepare large orders insufficient time.

Customer Data

You can create loyalty programs that increase your sales with a good POS system. If you can link your restaurant POS online ordering with a loyalty rewards program, customers will be more inclined to choose your restaurant over others. Loyalty programs allow you to offer customers rewards that they can redeem at their next visit. This will increase your average order value and profit.

Customer data allows you to tailor your marketing to customers’ interests and demographics. This allows you to offer specials, new menu items and loyalty reward programs for restaurants to incentivize purchase decisions.

To reduce your staff’s workload, integrate an online ordering system that is seamless to ensure your customers are comfortable and safe when choosing your restaurant. To give your customers a great experience, make your online ordering system mobile-friendly and incorporate a good POS system for tracking orders.


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