Wedding Tips and Ideas

Get organized!

It is a big day! We have created a Wedding Organizer and a Checklist to help you organize all the details. Let us know if we have missed something.

Are you unsure where to begin? If you don’t have one yet, these will help you choose the venue for your ceremony. You should also allow plenty of time for your dress preparation. It will take some time to find the right one, to get it altered or made to your specifications.

It is important to get all details in writing when you organize your wedding day. This includes the dimensions of the cake, the number and type of flowers placed at the centre of the table, the times for the limousine pickups, the number of photos in an album of a specific size, and the number of photos in an album of a specific size the number of photos. So both parties are clear about what is expected and when it will be delivered. You only get one chance at getting it right.

You can use the Wedding QLD Guestlist to keep track of guest numbers, gifts received, and thank yous for sending.

We have created the Wedding QLD Budget Planner to help you manage your finances.

Murphy’s Law is something we all know. The Wedding QLD Emergency Kit will ensure nothing goes wrong on your wedding day.

Wedding QLD Organiser

The Wedding QLD Wedding Organizer is available for download in Microsoft Excel format. This spreadsheet contains the Wedding SA.

  • Checklist
  • Guest List
  • Budget
  • Seating Planner.

Save Money

You can do it yourself or ask your friends and family to help. Please make your own headband and tulle, make the ring pillow, arrange the flowers (maybe for your table centrepieces), bake the cake, write the invitations, or use the computer to design them.

Borrow. Do you have something to lend? Cars? Dress/es? Venue? Holiday home.. etc.

Wedding dress. You might consider a simple, lightweight gown that can be worn as a cocktail or evening dress after the wedding. You don’t have to wear a white gown. You might consider a stunning black, silver, pale blue, or burgundy gown. This can be easily transformed into a cocktail or evening dress. Some shoe repair shops can also cover/dye your shoes to match your gown or change the colour to something that you are more likely to wear again after the wedding.

Wedding cake. The wedding cake is always remembered.. and in the photos.. so you might consider adding tier of decorated foam.. Foam is cheaper than cake.. but no one will notice it once it’s decorated. Consider having the cake as a dessert at your reception. However, check the cost of cutting and serving the cake. You should also check the cut time of your cake at the reception venue. Some people cut the cake during the day, while others do it at the reception. This could impact any photos that you might have of the cake.

Flowers can be costly. You might consider a garden wedding or having the flower girls blow bubbles at the ceremony. Potted flowers can be used to decorate the tables. You can give them away or plant them in your garden. You can also have a night or evening wedding with candles. Ask if there are any other weddings taking place at the venue. You might be able share the flowers. Ask if you can take your flowers from your ceremony venue to your reception venue. Some venues won’t allow this.

Reception. You might consider having cocktails and canapes instead of a formal dinner. You can also have your reception catered by family and friends in place of gift-giving. Like the above, you might consider having your guests pay for their food instead of purchasing gifts. This is especially helpful if you have a well-stocked home.

Is it necessary to get married on Saturday? What are the costs for a Saturday and Sunday wedding? Compare the cost of a Winter Wedding with one in Summer, Spring, or Autumn.


Engagement party. The traditional host of the engagement party is the bride’s parents. However, it is becoming more common for the engaged couple to host their party.

Bridesmaids. Traditional bridesmaids pay for their dresses, shoes and accessories. The bride should gift a gift in such instances.

Loved ones. One suggestion to remember and acknowledge loved one in your ceremony is to place a long stemmed red rose on the signet table. Please include a note explaining its significance in the service. An appropriate option would be to place a photograph or a candle.

Cutting off the guest list. Your videographer, photographer or celebrant is not required to attend your reception. If you expect your videographer or photographer to stay after the reception ends, it is a good idea to provide a meal and drink with the kitchen. Invite your family friend if the celebrant is close to you.

Thank you cards. Traditional tradition dictates that thank-you cards be sent within three months of the wedding. However, it is recommended that you send your thank-you cards within six weeks of your wedding.

Wedding Dress

Take your dress outside before you buy it.

Wedding Shoes. You can have your shoes dyed to match your gown or changed to a more flattering colour by a shoe repairer. You should ensure they are comfortable. To reduce the risk of sore feet or blisters, wear them around your house before the big day.

Bridesmaids. All bridesmaids may not be the same size or shape. You might consider buying matching material and choosing the pattern they want to make. They can pick something flattering but still look coordinated. You could also set a style guide, such as long black spaghetti straps and coordinating with a neck scarf or bow.


When is it best to select my maids? This depends on your knowledge of the bridesmaids. Selecting your maids a little earlier than your wedding date, e.g. 3 months in advance, can make it less stressful. This reduces the chance that one of your maids will become pregnant before the wedding and not fulfill her duties. It’s better not to choose a friend as your bridesmaid if you are having a fight with them than to ‘un-select them’. You can also reduce the likelihood of your dresses fitting poorly or becoming too heavy.

How to find great bridesmaids. If you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids let them know what you expect. Do you expect them to go with you to the bridal expos, to your wedding venues, to dress shopping, etc. This may not be possible for bridesmaids who can’t drive or work weekends. It’s also a good idea to know what they will pay. They can still bow out gracefully if they don’t have $600.

Who pays what? It’s not uncommon for your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses and, in many cases, their shoes. The bridesmaids can negotiate whether they will pay for their hair and makeup. They will usually do their makeup.

The majority of bridesmaids don’t pay for their jewelry. Either they wear their jewellery or the bride gives them a gift. When deciding how much to pay, consider the income of your maids.

What amount should I expect them spend? Ask them separately what they consider reasonable. If they don’t feel it’s enough, you could suggest that they contribute more in place of a gift or a gift.

Decide if you will have your dress made or bought off the shelf. You should expect to find beautiful dresses starting at $100 on the rack and spending $300 to have them made.

What are some ways to get them dresses they like? It is almost impossible for more than one bridesmaid to love the same style or colour. Send them off with a selection of material to have a custom-made dress made for them. As long as they are happy with the dress, they shouldn’t be too upset about spending their money. They can specify that the skirt must be below the knee, at least ankle length, straight, or a-line. However, they have the option to choose which top they want, such as strapless, one-strap, spaghetti straps, square neck, round neck and so on. A compromise can save you trauma down the road.

Take a few photos and make a list if you prefer uniformed look. Discuss the options with your bridesmaids. You will likely have less tears if they are part of the consultation about how you would like them to spend the money. They helped choose the style.

Be sensitive when choosing the colour. Your bridesmaids will want the colour to be timeless and something they can wear again. Reds, blues and other colors are acceptable. A shoulder wrap in lime green or burnt orange is a great option if you love these colours. You can also use these colours in your bouquets, and pick a dress color that will enhance the vibrantness of the flowers.

Wedding Cars

Check the hinges on old cars and vintage cars for oil or grease. This will not look great on your new gown. You should also make sure that you cover the back wheels with a covering. Road dirt is not good for your beautiful gown.

It is always handy to keep a small container with talcum powder. Grease on bridesmaids, flower girls or brides is best treated by applying talc powder to the area and allowing it to absorb the grease. Then, brush off the excess.


If you are taking photos in a garden, make sure to keep the Aeroguard and the spray in your car’s boot. Small flies, mosquitoes and midges love to crawl between layers of tulle, making it nearly impossible for them to be removed.

Keep an esky filled with water, cups and basic food like cheese and vegemite sandwiches. The majority of the wedding party have been so busy that they haven’t had time to eat. You can’t make a grand entrance if you jump straight to the champagne and don’t have anything substantial.

Kit for an emergency

Ensure you have an emergency kit with you and pass it on to your family members to help you get through the day.

  • Paracetamol or other tablets to relieve a headache
  • Blisters for blisters caused by new shoes
  • Tissues – Just in case you’re weeping!
  • Stockings – Especially if the bride or her bridesmaids don’t have full-length dresses.
  • Safety pins and thread in case of emergency.
  • Bobby pins are available if you need to secure your hair.
  • Lippy and compact to touch ups.
  • Medicine If any members of the wedding party have hay fever, especially outside (perfume may also trigger the sniffles).
  • It is always handy to keep a small container of Talcum Powder . Grease on bridesmaids or flower girls can be removed by applying talc powder to the area.


Is your Father going to be taking you down the aisle? Consider having your Father escort you down the aisle or having your Mother accompany you.

Decoration. You might consider having potted plants in the aisle.. these could be used later in your garden.


Menu. Consider including a vegetarian option in your menu. Ask the caterer if they have any. Consider what the bride will eat. Red tomato sauce from a pasta dish won’t look good on your dress.

Decoration. Potted plants can be used as table centerpieces..

Get involved with your parents. Invite your parents to dance and let the band/DJ play their song.

Bomboniere. What should you give? What should you give? Bomboniere doesn’t have to be costly. You can give your cake, candles or sugared almonds as a gift.

Sugared Almonds. The bitter almond taste is complemented by the sweetness of the sugar coating, which represents the bitterness and sweetness in life. The sugared coating helps ensure that the new couple’s lives are more sweet than bitter. Regardless of whether it’s 5 or 7, the odd number is symbolic of an indivisible number. This means that newlyweds should share everything, and not be divided. Tradition says that an unmarried woman who puts sugared almonds under her bed will dream of her husband. The Italians use five sugared almonds to symbolize wealth, health, happiness, fertility, and longevity. Two more are added by the Greeks.

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